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EasyShop is a simple-to-use and fast shopping list app. Build lists quickly, just like you do on paper, or scan barcodes to quickly add thousands of the most common items. Then go shopping and check off items on your list with one tap, or scan barcodes as you add items to your cart.

Volume Popup

The simplest and cleanest way to control all your device volumes: Media, Ringer, Notifications, and Alarms. Click the button to quickly mute a volume, or use the sliders to set a specific volume level.

Hindu Calendar

Looking for Hindu holidays? Tired of awful-looking apps that get in the way? Prefer English?

This is a small, simple calendar that tracks major holidays. Click any date to see the holiday for that date, or use the search button to search by name. This app is great for 2nd generation Indian-Americans that want to find/track holidays, but want to be able to do so easily, in English.

Silent Mode Popup

The easiest way to toggle your smartphone ringer quickly between normal, silent, and vibrate modes.